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Marriage License Requirements
    The 72-hour waiting period and 90-day expiration period begins when the license is purchased and both parties appear and sign the application before a clerk.  
    However, the waiting period may be waived if approved by the County Judge or the District Judge.   Please read the requirements below for further details.


Both parties must appear, together at the county clerk's office to apply.
    1.    The application must be signed in the presence of county clerk staff.
    2.    The applicants must show proper identification i.e.,
                a.    Valid driver' license, valid photo ID, military ID, certified birth certificate, or passport.
    3.    The applicants that have been issued a social security number must provide their number to the clerk at the time the application is processed.  The actual card does not need to be presented.
    4.    The applicants must provide the following information:
                a.    Must be 18 years of age
                b.    Must be accompanied by a legal guardian if under 18 years of age.
                c.    Submitted coy of divorce decree.
    5.    A divorce by either party must be final 30 days prior to applying for the marriage license.
    6.    The applicants must not be delinquent on court ordered child support.
    7.    The applicants must not be related by blood or adoption.
    8.    The applicants must pay $82.00 cash, money order, check, credit or debit.
    9.    The $82.00 fee is reduced to $22.00 with valid proof of Texas State approved Premarital Education Course as well as the 72 hour waiting period will be waived.

Visit these links for general and local services available such as Premarital Education Courses in your area.


Prior to applying for a marriage license in the State of Texas the following things should be considered:

    1.    A license purchased in any Texas county can be used in the State of Texas and any other state or country that will accept it.  (including: Ceremony Performed on an Aircraft, Boat or ship Traveling in the US or International Territory.)
    2.    It may be used in any county in Texas.
    3.    The original license will be returned to you after it is filed by the person performing the ceremony.
    4.    The license will remain on file in the county where it was purchased.  Certified copies may be ordered from that county at anytime.
    5.    When a license is purchased, it may not be used for the first 72 hours.
    6.    A County Judge or District Judge may waive the waiting period if a timely request is made.
    7.    The license is valid for 90 days including the day of purchase.
    8.    There is no law requiring a blood test.
    9.    For Marriage by Proxy, please call for additional information.
   10.   Couple living as husband and wife may wish to make their marriage a matter of record without formal ceremony.  Call (409) 283-2281 for additional information on an informal Marriage Declaration.

The law authorizes an ordained minister, rabbi, priest and other licenses officials to perform the marriage ceremony.  Please consult your local telephone yellow page directory for listings.  A Texas marriage license may be used anywhere in the United States, in most foreign countries (confirm with that country) and on a cruise ship, airplane and other means of transportation.

Certified Copy or Replacement of Marriage License

To obtain a copy of a marriage license please download the application located to the left of the screen.  Fill it out and sign.  Mail it along with a copy of your photo ID, a self addressed stamped envelope and a check or money order for $8.00 for certified or $52.00 for a replacement marriage license to the following address:

Tyler County Clerk's Office
116 South Charlton Street
Woodville, Texas 75979