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Probate Fees
Probate of Will for Letters of Testamentary, Administration (with Will annexed, Dependent or Independent)
Probate of Will as a Muniment of Title; Community Survivors
Small Estates (no posting, no doc's)        
Inventory, Appraisement and list of Claims (after 90th day after Qualification Date)
Annual/Final Account of Probate/Guardianship (must be notarized, application for sale of real or personal property (after Order Approving Inventory & Appraisement or after 120th day after initial filing of the action, which ever occurs first
Claim (paid by the Claimant at time of filing) need original +3 copies
Wills for Safekeeping
Adverse Action (probate cross action, motion for new trial, etc. without personal citation or posted notice)
Foreign Wills(without personal citation or posted notice)
Open Safety Deposit box
Sale of Property of a Minor
Guardianship With 1 Personal Service
Annual/Final Report of Guardian of welfare of a person (must be notarized)