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Real Property/Elections/Website

Phone:  (409) 283-2281
Fax:  (409) 283-8049
Email: ckenesson.cc@co.tyler.tx.us
Records Legend

Oil & Gas:
Early to 1977 - Deed Indexes
1978 to 1989 - Oil & Gas Leases (includes mineral deeds, assignments, etc.)
1990 to Current - Official Record (computerized indexes)

Probate, Civil, Criminal, UCC, Commissioners court:
All these have individual indexes
Early to 1989 - Book indexes
1970's to current - Computer Indexes

Deeds and All Others:
Early to 1990 - Record types have individual indexes
1990 to current - Official Record

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    How do I transfer property from one owner to another?

Q:    I can't get my family member to sign a deed over to me, what do I do?
A:    Contact and attorney for legal advice.

Q:    My mortgage company sent me this document to record, but I don't know what it means.  Could you explain what this document does:
A:    The County Clerk's Office cannot explain what a document does from a legal standpoint.  Our office only handles the recording of documents in Official Public Records.  We cannot provide legal advice.  you may wish to contact your mortgage company (the office that sent you the document) or contact your attorney.

Q:    How do I find out who owns the property across the street from me?
A:    Contact the Tyler County Appraisal District at (409) 283- 3736 or visit their website at www.tylercad.net

Q:    If I have the R number can you tell me who owns the property?
A:    No, we can only look up records by Grantor/Grantee or by volume and page number.  If you have the R number you may contact the Tyler County Tax Office at (409) 283-2734

Q:    I have lost my original deed.  Where can I obtain another one?
A:    If your deed has been recorded in the Tyler County Clerk's office, you may obtain a certified copy of your deed, which will stand as the original.  Otherwise, you may wish to contact an attorney for legal advice.

Q:    Where can I obtain divorce records?
A:    Divorce is handled through the Tyler County District Clerk's office.  You may contact their office at (409) 283- 2162.

Q:    Where can I inquire on child support issues?
A:    Child Support is handled through the District Clerk's office.  You may contact their office at (409) 283-2162.


Tyler County Real Property Images will be sold to entities requesting them.  Provided we have a written request for the time period wanted and the required $30.00 fee enclosed.  You may download and print the imaging agreement to the left of this page.  Please submit your request and payment to the following address:

Tyler County Clerk
Real Property Imaging
116 South Charlton Street
Woodville, Texas  75979

Our fees are currently $30.00 per month but could be subject to change depending on how large the files are.  The images are burned in a .PDF format on CD.  If you prefer an external hard drive it must be sent to us new and in an unopened package.  You must have an Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view them.  The images are assigned a number through the software program and a report is at the end of each set of files burned listing the ID number.  This is the only method we have.  We do not have the resources to provide several different types of files.  When you purchase these images you cannot receive a refund if you see that they are not compatible with the software or system you use.  They are purchased "as is".  This is why we suggest that you purchase only one month to start with and see if it what you need.

The Texas Legislature recently amended the Property Code to provide a streamlined procedure for addressing discriminatory provisions in real property records. Although state law already declared restrictions and provisions in real property records that prohibit the use, sale or transfer of real property to a person based on race, color, religion, or national origin to be void and unenforceable, Senate Bill 30, which took effect on September 2, 2021, establishes a process for a property owner, or another person that the owner authorizes, to request a judicial review of specific property records to determine whether they contain prohibited discriminatory provisions.

The bill sets out the contents of the documents required to be submitted to the court as well as a suggested format for the court's findings and order. Under certain circumstances, the court may issue its determination without conducting a hearing. No filing fees may be charged under the statute.

To view the language of the bill and the format for filing with the court as well as the format for the court's findings and order, use the link:   87(R) SB 30- Enrolled version (texas.gov)