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2015 Non-compliance Fees
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2015 Noncompliance Fees

Local Government code Section 191.007(h)

The filing fee or recording fee for each page of a legal paper that is presented for filing or recording to a county clerk and fails to meet one or more of the requirements prescribed by subsection (b) through (g) is equal to twice the regular filing fee or recording fee provided by statue for that page.

Local Government code Section 11.003(a)(1)(2)

An instrument executed after December 31, 1981, conveying an interest in real property may not be recorded unless: (1) a mailing address of each grantee appears in the instrument or in a separate writing signed by the grantor or grantee and attached to the instrument; or (2) a penalty filing fee equal to the greater of $25.00 or twice the statutory recording fee for the instrument is paid.

In Compliance                    Chapter/Sec                First page            Additional Page
                                                                                   Filing Fee            Filing Fee

Regular filing fees                        ch 118.011                          $26.00                     $4.00

Noncompliance                   Chapter/Sec                First Page            Additional Page 
                                                                                   Filing Fee             Filing Fee
No wider than 8 1/2
inches and no longer
than 14 inches                           ch 191.007(b)(1)                  $31.00                       $8.00  

Paper must have
sufficient weight that it
will not smear or bleed through   ch 191.007(b)(2)                    $31.00                       $8.00

Type print must not be
smaller than 8 point                   ch 191.007(b)(3)                    $31.00                        $8.00

Heading must be clearly
identified and at the top
of the first page                         ch 191.007(c)                        $31.00                        $8.00

Printing, typing, and
handwriting must be
clearly legible                            ch 191.007(d)                         $31.00                        $8.00

Names must be printed
under signatures                        ch 191.007(e)                         $31.00                       $8.00

All reproductions must
have black printing,
typing, or handwriting                ch 191.007(f)                          $31.00                       $8.00

Riders or attachments
must not be oversized                ch 191.007(g)                         $31.00                       $8.00

Grantee's mailing                       ch 11.003(a)(2)                       $25.00